The Festival organiser is the Skowronki Girls' Choir Friends Association with the cooperation of Poznań Zamek Culture Centre.

  • DATE
  • Trillme Festival - 3th International Girls' Choir Festival will be held in Poznań from 19th to 23rd September 2018

    • The festival's participants must be amateur choirs consisting of girls aged 12 to 19. The number of participants cannot exceed 40 (including choir members, conductor, accompanist, driver, staff members).
    • The festival is of non-competitive character.
    • Choirs willing to take part in the festival should send
      by 15th February 2018:

      • By post (to the following address: Trillme Festival, ul. Św. Marcin 80/82, 61-809 Poznań):
        • Entry form completed legibly (in block letters)
        • CD or DVD recording of three works in a cappella arrangement from the choir's recent repertoire
      • By e-mail (to
        • CV and a recent photograph of the choir (horizontal and of high resolution)
    • Choirs are selected by the Artistic Council of the festival appointed by the organisers. Successful Applicants will be notified by 28th February 2016
    • The entry fees for successful applicants are:

      • registration fee - € 250 per choir
      • participation fee - € 60 per participant (per entire stay)
      These entry fees must be paid by bank transfer to the Skowronki Girls' Choir Friends Association account no later than 31st March 2018.

      Bank details:
      Recipient's name:
      Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Chóru Dziewczęcego Skowronki
      im. M. Wróblewskiej
      Recipient's address:
      ul. Św. Marcin 80/82, 61-809 Poznań
      Account Number:
      IBAN: PL67 1020 4027 0000 1202 0365 2922
    • Not paying either of the fees means withdrawal from the festival participation.
    • In the case of withdrawal from the festival fees will not be refunded.
    • Successful applicants must prepare a varied programme with focus on works from the choir's native country, which will be performed:
      • on Thursday 20th September (before midday) – concerts at schools in Wielkopolska – about 45 minutes of music (the choir is free to choose works to perform)
      • on Friday 21st September (in the evening) – concerts in Poznań – about 30 minutes of music (the choir is free to choose works to perform)
      • on Saturday 22nd September - Gala Concert at the Adam Mickiewicz University Hall in Poznań – 3 works a varied programme /max. 12 minutes/with focus on the music from the choir`s native country
      • on Sunday 23rd September - concerts during mass and church services in Poznań churches (optional) – about 20 minutes of sacred music
    • Successful applicants must also carefully prepare the work for the final concert, which will be performed at Gala Concert on Saturday 22nd September by all choirs together. Sheet music of the work will be sent to choirs after selecting successful applicants.
    • Performance programme must be submitted by email to by 10th April 2018
    • The organiser provides accommodation in Hostels and Halls of Residence. If required, the organiser may provide choirs with accommodation in Hotels (at extra charge).
    • The costs of meals (the first meal – dinner on 19th September, the last meal – breakfast on 23rd September) are covered by the festival organisers.
    • There is a possibility to provide additional visitors with accommodation and meals.
    • The festival does not contribute to a choir's travel costs. The festival may provide local transport to choirs without their own transport means - at extra charge.
    • The festival participants must be in possessions of hospital treatment costs insurance.
    • Participation in the festival implies acceptance of the right to record any artistic performance of the choir by any recording technique and its publicizing without payment to the choir.
    • The organiser accepts no responsibility for illegal reproduction of music (copyright laws) or for any action taken by copyright owners.
    • Choirs and conductors are not paid for participation in concerts, radio or television recordings during the Festival and for subsequent reproduction and publicizing of this material.
    • The Festival Office must be notified by email about withdrawal from the festival participation or changes concerning the number of participants, meals and accommodation no later than 1st August 2018. Not complying with the above conditions results in charging the choir for the booked accommodation and meals costs.

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