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DETSKA KITKA CHOIR, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Yana Deliradeva - conductor

Founded in 1947, DETSKA KITKA CHOIR is one of the oldest and best known youth choirs in Bulgaria. It made its international reputation in the 1980s and 90s when, under the leadership of Prof. Zlatina Deliradeva, it won awards from some of the most prestigious international choral competitions in Europe: Celje, (Slovenia), Debrezen (Hungary), Arnhem (the Netherlands), Varna (Bulgaria), Cantonigros (Spain), Halle (Germany), Maasmechelen (Belgium), Prague (Czech Republic), Celje (Slovenia).

The choir’s portfolio includes nearly fifty concert tours in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey, and performances at over twenty international choir festivals.

An ambassador of Bulgarian culture, DETSKA KITKA CHOIR is a three-time participant in the cultural programmes of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly and the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
DETSKA KITKA’S recent international highlights include the International Youth Choir Festival in St. Petersburg (2009), the Asturias Joven International Choir Festival in Spain (2010), the International Competition for Habaneras and Polyphony in Torrevieja, Spain (2011), the Moscow Easter Festival (2012), the International Youth Choir Festival in Celje, Slovenia (2013), the Attacca in the Spirit of the Balkans Festival in Maribor, Slovenia (2014), the G. F. Händel International Children’s Choir Festival in Halle, Germany (2014), and the Let the Future Sing International Youth Choir Festival in Stockholm, Sweden (2015).

Vasile Negura - conductor

FANTASIA CHILDREN CHOIR choir was founded at the “Elena Cuza” Middle High School in Vaslui, in December 1995. Now, the choir holds its rehearsals at the Children’s Palace Vaslui, Romania. The debut of the 40 choristers was in the spring of 1996, in a department choral contest. Since then, FANTASIA has been invited to take part in many events in the region. The choir has not only attained a high level vocal skill, but it has transformed its performances into innovative and exciting artistic events. The force, the accuracy and the color of their different interpretation as well as sensibility and enthusiasm of their performance emphasize the beauty and the value of their repertoire.

FANTASIA has a broad repertoire (over 180 songs) that goes from the rhythmic refinement of the sacral and religious music, through the gospel sounds and a bit of jazz, to the purity of the traditional folk choral music. The enthusiastic exploration of international music ensures variety and freshness in the choir’s repertoire.

Latest awards: 1st prize Cum Laude in the International Choir Contest, Veldhoven, Holland (2004 and 2007), 1st prize in the National Contest of Schools Choirs, Ramnicu Valcea (2006), Diploma for High Level of Choral Interpretation, Ohrid, Macedonia (2008), 1st prize - Children Section, Ohrid, Macedonia (2009), 1st prize in the National Contest of Schools Choirs, Braila (2010), II prize in the International Choral Contest, Istanbul, Turkye (2011), 1st prize in the National Contest of Schools Choirs, Petrosani (2012), Diploma for “Choir of the Future”, Balchik, Bulgaria (2012), Silver Plaque in the International Youth Choir Festival, Celye, Slovenia (2015), Gold Plaque in the International Choir Festival, Chisinau, Moldova (2015).

, Poznań, Poland
Dorota Wojnowska – conductor

Poznań Choral School is the only vocally-oriented school of music in Poland. Its history goes back to 1957. Although for fifty years is was an all-male school, in 2006 it also began teaching girls.

THE GIRLS’ CHOIR AT JERZY KURCZEWSKI POZNAN CHOIR SCHOOL (PSChJK) was founded in 2008. Today, it brings together over fifty girls aged 10-15. The ensemble develops both artistically and socially, and operates in the area of broadly understood musical culture. It takes part in festivals, opera performances, artistic projects run by higher education establishments, as well as in choirmaster seminars.

Since 2010, the PSChJK Girls’ Choir has been taking part in national and international competitions, where it is awarded top prizes. The choir’s most recent successes include the Gold Medal at 2nd International Choral Festival in Gdańsk, Poland (2013), the Golden Angel prize at 4th International Advent and Christmas Song Festival in Cracow, Poland (2013), Golden Diploma and Special Award - VI National Choir Competition Ars Liturgica, Gniezno, Poland (2014), Golden Cup (Grand Prize) and the Cup for the Best Conductor - XXVI International Choir Competition in Verona, Italy (2015).

The choir has participated in festivals such as Sierakowska Spring Classics (2011, 2013), A Cappella Festival Poznań (2011), International Boys' Choir Festival, Poznań (2014), International Girls' Choir Festival, Poznań (2014).

Recordings: "Czy to szczotka, czy to jeż?" ("Is it the brush, or a hedgehog?") - songs for children, by Jerzy Wasowski (2010), “Ponad czasem, ponad ziemią” ("Over time, over the Earth") - Renaissance madrigals and contemporary sacred music (2012), "Kantyczka ... Polish carols" (2015).

Zdzisław Ohar – conductor

La Musica Choir was established in October 1992. The choir exists at Frederic Chopin Junior High School in Lublin. Zdzisław Ohar is the conductor of the choir. The choir has toured in Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria and Lithuania. The ensemble participated in international choral projects organized in Lublin. In 2006 and 2015 the choir recorded a CD with songs a cappella. La Musica has proven its vocal skills by performing classical music with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Lublin (performance of Puccini's opera "Tosca", "Requiem" by Mozart, "Stabat Mater" by Pergolesi).

La Musica Choir was awarded in many choral competitions in Poland and abroad:

  • National Competition of Children and Youth Choirs a capella in Bydgoszcz - The Golden Tuning Fork (ten times) and Grand Prix (three times),
  • II International Competition of Children's and Youth Choirs in Giessen, Germany - Golden Diploma (1997),
  • IX Festival of Christmas Carols in Będzin - I prize (2003),
  • Festival of Religious Song "Cantate Deo" in Rzeszow - I place (2000, 2006, 2010), Grand Prix (2012),
  • I International Festival of Youth Choirs in Rzeszow - first and second place (2004),
  • National Choir Tournament Legnica Cantat - third place (2006), silver diploma (2015),
  • Lodz Choir Festival "Cantio Lodziensis" - I place (2007), Grand Prix (2015),
  • Malopolska Choir Competition in Niepołomice - Gold String (2011), Grand Prix (2015)
  • Festival of Early Music in Lublin – I place (2009, 2011, 2012)
  • I International Choir Festival in Ejszyszki - Grand Prix (2012) and Gold Ribbon of Sołcza (2014),
  • X Festival Mater Misericordiae in Ząbki – II place and Gold Diploma (2014).

  • SKOWRONKI GILRS’ CHOIR, Poznan, Poland
    Alicja Szeluga – conductor

    SKOWRONKI Girls’ Choir was established in 1950.
    From the beginning it has been affiliated with ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań. The choir is led by Alicja Szeluga who has been SKOWRONKI’s conductor and art director for 25 years. The ensemble is composed of 140 girls aged 6 to 22. The choristers of SKOWRONKI Girls’ Choir are secondary school students as well as students of Poznań universities. The group’s repertoire includes works from all epochs. Some of them are composed especially for SKOWRONKI and some are less known but rediscovered by the choir for broad audience. The ensemble’s distinguishing feature is its coherent, girl’s sound which they owe to coach of voice provided to them by Marzena Michałowska. The choir also collaborates with pianist – Czesław Łynsza, percussionist – Beata Polak.

    The choir is an active participant of Poznań and Wielkopolska musical life.
    It tours regularly, becoming an ambassador of Polish culture. Since their appearance on the choral scene 25 years ago, SKOWRONKI Girls’ Choir has performed in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, France, Spain, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, Israel and in the United States.

    Most of the choir’s travels are combined with participation in competitions in which they win prestigious awards and gain excellent reputation both among jury and audience members. They have won many awards at national (Legnica, Bydgoszcz, Międzyzdroje) and international level: Llangollen (Great Britain), Veldhoven (Holland), Celje (Slovenia), Randers (Denmark), Dautphetal (Germany), Praga (Czech Republic), Arezzo (Italy), Neerpelt (Belgium), Cantonigros (Spain), Ohrid (Macedonia), Freamunde (Portugal).

    The choir takes part in festivals and choral workshops in Poland, Wrocław (Wratislavia Cantans) and abroad: Latvia (Riga), Germany (Wolfenbüttel, Usedom), Italy (Turin), Israel (Jerusalem), Hungary (Veszprem), Great Britain (Worcester). The SKOWRONKI Girls’ Choir collaborates with Poznań Philharmonic on regular basis.

    SKOWRONKI has been one of Polish leading ensembles for many years and they still regularly confirm their high level.

    The group’s performance highlight was a concert on one of the world most prestigious stages - Carnegie Hall, New York City. The two-hour performance, immensely applauded by American audience, was a huge success.

    The choir’s discography includes eight CDs and twelve DVDs with concert recordings.

    Julia Łynsza – conductor

    Małe SKOWRONKI and SKOWRONECZKI Girls’ Choirs are two ensembles forming the SKOWRONKI choral family.

    Admission age for the youngest group Małe SKOWRONKI Girls’ Choir ranges from six to nine years. These talented kids just start their adventure with music . They perform children’s songs of a single voice, written by Polish composers and often enriched with movement. Their colorful concerts are special in terms of spontaneity, which is typical for little children performing on stage. Małe SKOWRONKI Girls’ Choir attract numerous admirers, mainly parents and grandparents who experience unforgettable emotions during every concert.

    SKOWRONECZKI Girls’ Choir is comprised of primary school pupils as well as the first graders of lower secondary school, aged from nine to thirteen. The choir’s repertoire includes children’s choral literature for 2-3 voices.
    It takes a few years for these young choral singing enthusiasts to get acquainted with the secrets of multi-voice choral singing and finally to join the oldest, concerts-giving group.

    The ensembles’ concerts are most often held in Poznań and are highly appreciated by concertgoers.

    Both groups are directed by Julia Łynsza and accompanied on piano by Czesław Łynsza. Teresa Nowak creates stage choreography. The choirs are provided artistic care by Alicja Szeluga.

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