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AURIN GIRLS' CHOIR, Kecskemét, Hungary
Conductor: Durányik László

Founded in 1950, the Kodály School was the first music primary school in Hungary. Here, children are taught in using the Kodály method, of which choral singing is a very important part.
The AURIN Girls' Choir, which was formed in 1998, was made up of girls over 15 who were previously members of the Miraculum Children's Choir. The choir’s ambition is to play an important role in the cultural life of our town, be part of Hungarian musical life, take part in national and international concerts, festivals and choir competitions, to make quality recordings, as well as to represent Kodály's home-town, Kecskemét, all over the world. Until 2014, the Girls' Choir has been awarded 19 first prizes, and visited a number of countries, where it performed at festivals and held concert tours: England, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Romania, France, China, Poland, Cyprus.
The choir permanently expands its repertoire, which is based on Renaissance to 20th century music, with special focus on choral works by Kodály, Bartók, Bárdos, Kocsár and Orbán.
The choir is conducted by László Durányik.

BREVIS GIRLS' CHOIR, Osijek, Croatia
Conductor: Antoaneta Radočaj-Jerković

Children choir “Brevis”, which was founded in 2004, operates as part of independent music association, Youth Music Workshop «Polifonija»Osijek.
The choir has had a series of successful performances in Croatia and abroad – in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy.
The repertoire of the choir is very vide and contains works by Croatian and world choir music composers, from the Baroque to modern times. The choir performs both sacred and secular works of music.
Children’s choir „Brevis“ enjoys great popularity in Croatia and abroad. It has sung with such renowned instrumental ensembles, as Croatian Philharmonic Orchestra, Croatian Television Symphony Orchestra, or Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra. Besides radio and TV appearances, the choir has been awarded a number of highly valued national and international prizes. Choir members have performed with the Opera of the National Theatre in Osijek.
From its very beginning, the choir is conducted by Mrs. Antoaneta Radočaj-Jerković, professor, accompanied by a piano player Mr. Davor Dedić, professor.

Conductor: Jelena Cvetković

The Stars

Children's Choir “The Stars” (Serbo-Croatian “Zvezdice”) was formed in 2002 as a project with the support of UNDP - United Nations Development Programme for the development and improvement of cultural activities among the youngest population. Despite all social and economic circumstances, the choir, which has for years operated in the far south of Serbia, represents a qualitative benchmark for children's choir singing in Serbia. The ensemble’s very existence and successful work is the best incentive for work. The ensemble supports development of talented children, who, in turn, through further education and training contribute not only to cultural, but general development of their region.
The choir brings together 50 children aged 7-17, affirming the tradition of choral singing. “The Stars” children's choir have performed in front of audiences both at home and abroad, in such countries, as Bulgaria, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland. The last success of the choir is 1st Prize in the category of children’s ensembles at the Ohrid Choir Festival in Macedonia (2013).
Conductor of the choir is Dr Jelena Cvetković.

Conductor: Natalia Pawluczuk

Vivat Musica

Founded in 2000 at Children and Youth Palace in Rivne in the Ukraine, VIVAT MUSICA Choir brings together 120 young singing enthusiasts. In 2010, when Natalya Pavluchuk became the ensemble’s conductor and artistic director, the choir began to take part in competitions and festivals in the Ukraine and abroad. Of the numerous prizes and distinctions won at domestic and international events, the most recent are the 3rd place at the "Zhaivir sklykaie druzhiv" National Competition in Lviv (2013), and 2nd place at the "Sozviezdie v Nesebrie" International Festival-Competition in Nesebur, in Bulgaria (2013). The ensemble’s repertoire contains both Classical and Romantic compositions, as well as folk tunes and contemporary pieces.
The choir is conducted by Natalia Pawluczuk.

Poznań, Poland

Conductor: Dorota Wojnowska

Poznań Choral School is the only vocally-oriented school of music in Poland. Its history goes back to 1957. Although for fifty years is was an all-male school, in 2006 it also began teaching girls.
Girls’ Choir of Jerzy Kurczewski Poznań Choral School (PSChJK) was founded in 2008. Today, it brings together over fifty girls aged 10-15. The ensemble develops both artistically and socially, and operates in the area of broadly understood musical culture. It takes part in festivals, opera performances, artistic projects run by higher education establishments, as well as in choirmaster seminars.
Since 2010, the PSChJK Girls’ Choir has been taking part in national and international competitions, where it is awarded top prizes. The choir’s most recent successes include the Gold Medal at 2nd International Choral Festival in Gdańsk (2013), and the Golden Angel prize at 4th International Advent and Christmas Song Festival in Cracow (2013). The ensemble has released two CDs.
The choir was founded and is conducted by Dorota Wojnowska.

Conductor: Alicja Szeluga


Winner of several European choir competitions and holder of the most prestigious domestic trophy, the Golden Lute Prize awarded at the Legnica Cantat National Choir Competition, SKOWRONKI (SKYLARKS) Girls’ Choir is one of the best Polish girls’ vocal ensembles.
Performing throughout Poland, Europe and Asia since 1950, the SKOWRONKI proudly boast the longest tradition of all children’s choirs. From the very beginning, the ensemble has been affiliated with the ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań.
The choir’s Artistic Director and conductor is Alicja Szeluga.
The ensemble’s repertoire consists in works by composers of all epochs, not infrequently pieces written specifically for the choir, or lesser-known compositions which the ensemble ‘discovers’ for wider audiences.
Complete with choreographic elements, each concert by the SKOWRONKI is a first-rate musical experience which leaves indelible memories with the audiences.

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